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New Smart Parking Sensor Node

Smart Parking

Dual detection system: magnetic field and RSSI
Dual wireless communication: Sigfox / LoRaWAN
Dual installation deployment: on surface / under the road
Robust waterproof IP68 enclosure
Remote Setup from the Cloud
Compatible with any Sigfox / LoRaWAN Cloud backends
Make it compatible with your own Cloud (open source tools)
1-minute configuration: no programming
Fully certified for the main markets: CE / FCC

Dual Detection System

Libelium Smart Parking benefits from 2 different detection systems.

The main method is magnetic detection: a 3-axis magnetic sensor reads the variations in the Earth's magnetic field. The big mass of metal of a car parked on the slot changes this field and the node will know. The software inside the node implements advanced algorithms to dynamically compensate the temperature variations and also the influence of neighbor cars.

As a support method, our cloud software system evaluates the signal's received power (RSSI) for LoRaWAN communications. If a car is parked on the slot, their messages will arrive weaker; this helps to improve the final accuracy up to an outstanding level of 99% *.

(*) 99% accuracy in optimal conditions: delimited car slots, non external electromagnetic influences, etc

Dual Wireless Communications

The node features 2 radios for 2 wireless protocols: Sigfox and LoRaWAN. These are the most popular and reliable LPWAN technologies, leaders in the IoT business.

No need to choose: 2 radios give the user maximum flexibility to try any of them, being possible to switch from one to the other even once the node has been installed.

The node is available in 4 variants that can operate with both radios in many countries:

  • Smart Parking EU:

    • Sigfox mode: RC1 zone (Europe, Oman, Iran, South Africa, Tunisia, UAE)
    • oRaWAN mode: Europe (EU863-870 protocol)
  • Smart Parking US:

    • Sigfox mode: RC2 zone (USA, Mexico, Brazil)
    • LoRaWAN mode: US, Canada, Mexico (US902-928 protocol)
  • Smart Parking AU / APAC / LATAM:

    • Sigfox mode: RC4 zone (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador)
    • LoRaWAN mode: Australia (AU915-928 protocol)
  • Smart Parking IN:

    • Sigfox mode: disabled
    • LoRaWAN mode: India (INDIA865-867 protocol)

Dual Installation Deployment

The enclosure is versatile because it allows 2 types of installation: screwed on the surface (fast and easy) and buried on the ground (convenient for cities where snowplows operates in winter or to avoid robbery). In both cases, the user can operate with the node, resetting it easily just approaching the powerful magnet provided.

Robust waterproof IP68 enclosure

The device is protected inside a small and extremely tough enclosure.

It is IP68 rated, which means it remains waterproof even submerged in water. Each node is provided with professional screws and anchors, resistant to tampering and vandalism.

1-minute configuration: no programming

The user just needs to setup some basic parameters because it comes already programmed from factory.

Anyone can configure one node with our Java Smart Devices App in few seconds

Remote Setup from the Cloud

After the nodes have been installed, the user remains in control thanks to the Remote Setup system: the user can reconfigure all the parameters easily from the Cloud.


Libelium Smart Parking was created to last. Apart from the robust enclosure, the electronic design focus on being low-power and the battery has a huge capacity of 10,400 mA┬Ěh.

Besides, the Night Mode saves energy during hours of low rotation.

All this can lead to 10+ years of uninterrupted operation.*

(*) Lifetime depends on parameters such as the number of packets sent per day, the distance from the nodes to the Base Station, etc.

Compatible with any Sigfox / LoRaWAN Cloud backend

Our Smart Parking can send data to many different clouds. Some of our customers area already offering their own Cloud Services along with our HW / FW technology. You can check them on the Smart Parking section of the IoT Marketplace.

The platform is already compatible with:

Make it compatible with your own Cloud (free software tools)

Besides those clouds, the user can make the system compatible with their own cloud: we provide our open source cloud software (in PHP), free of cost. These scripts can be easily modified to interchange data with any other cloud system in the world.

Once you get the platform working with your own Cloud you can be also listed in The IoT Marketplace. Just follow the instructions explained here.


The device is fully certified according to CE and FCC. This is a real product ready for the main markets. Get here the official Product Compliance Documentation.

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